Acupuncture by Dean
Acupuncture is the time tested therapy that has been practised in the Far East for thousands of years. The philosophy behind the treatment is that acupuncture points around the body are used to stimulate or move energy flow or “qi” to create balance . It is when this qi is out of balance that illness, pain or  ineffective functioning occurs.
Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness, where you are able to open your mind to beneficial suggestions and where you can make use of your imagination to help make positive changes in your life.
Acupuncture by Helen
Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture using whole body symptoms supplemented by pulse and tongue analysis. It is proven time and time again that many illnesses are linked together.


" Helen was lovely,very kind, extremely professional and knowledgeable, I'll definitely be back again"

"I have been meaning to go for acupuncture for a while now and I'm really glad I did, Dean was very helpful and put me at ease, I'll certainly be back again soon"