"acupuncture in the buddhist temple"Our very talented acupuncturist Dean McQue was invited to spend seven weeks in Nepal earlier this year to run a clinic in the remote areas of the Himalayas. Up to 60 people each day attended the clinic and some walked or were carried for 4 to 5 hours to get there. Health provision is poor and mainly non existent in this area and patients ranged across many sometimes undiagnosed conditions due to malnutrition, environmental actors affecting these very humble hard working people.

Dean stayed in the Buddhist Monastery of Namo Buddha and lived on a very basic diet of rice and dhal during his stay. In order to provide some sustainable care he trained two very keen quick learning tibetan monks how to apply basic acupuncture to the most common conditions. He also was invited to visit a buddhist monastery in the more populated area of Boudha which boasts the largest stupa in Asia and he carried out acupuncture on mats in the temple there. During his stay Dean was fortunate to  work alongside a visiting Tibetan Lama who was also trained in acupuncture having over 40 years experience, which was deemed quite an honour.

Lama Lodro was very complimentary of Deans acupuncture and chinese cupping skills and it was humbling to share knowledge and skills across cultural boundaries. Whilst there Dean also helped carry other essential medical supplies to even more remote clinics accessible only on foot in certain weather conditions and has been invited back.

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