The time after the summer rush of visiting friends, family taking holidays, changing routine and the weather  all make us susceptible to colds. A lot of children and adults who are starting to get colds don’t realize that even though the amazing summer months are fun and full of freedom, the lack of routine and late summer nights start to catch up when the summer winds down.

Eating schedules are always different in the summertime, however, now is the time to make the switch from green salads with something a little warmer, like a  nourishing soup. Yes- the time for ice cream and salads has passed . Start thinking about a nice warm fruit crisp for a sweet end of summer treat. The farmers markets are  full of delicious fresh vegetables

Ideas to avoid catching a cold right now:

-Take a supplement which includes vitamin C and/or vitamin D3. The Wives Kitchen in Richmond can help.

-Get regular acupuncture in Richmond. BEFORE the symptoms start! Acupuncture helps boost your immune system naturally, but if you already have a cold or cold symptoms, it helps the symptoms pass more quickly.

-Keep covered up (use a scarf!), and dress appropriately for the weather.  The mornings and evenings are becoming chilly, so don’t forget to keep yourself and your beloved dressed warmly.

– Be sure to wash your hands after blowing your nose and cover when you cough! Those who are around small children know how fast germs can spread.

Be well and have a wonderful Autumn!

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