Acupuncture has been carried out successfully for over 2000 years and is still mainstream medicine in China and other countries.  The procedure is surprisingly painless and uses single use sterile needles  Its effectiveness covers a wide range of illnesses from nausea and dental pain to osteoarthritis of the knee.

Modern evidence-based research shows that acupuncture safely treats a wide range of common health problems without the side effects associated with pharmacological treatments and can also offer an effective treatment for pain.  By interacting with our nervous system, acupuncture is able to alter brain function and stimulate the body’s own healing response. Modern science has measured physiological effects of acupuncture including the body’s production of beta endorphins, cortisol etc.

People seek acupuncture treatment for many different reasons.  Perhaps you have a specific health condition or maybe you want to enhance your sense of wellbeing, increase your energy or manage your stress levels.

Whatever your reason for choosing acupuncture, the principles of Chinese Medicine mean that the focus of treatment is always tailored to your own particular needs and how your illness is affecting you.  Treatment is aimed at the root cause of your condition as well as your main symptoms and this approach can help to resolve your problem on a deeper level which is more likely to avoid a reoccurrence.  You may notice other  problems resolve as your main health complaint improves.

Many people return to acupuncture again and again as a preventative measure because they find it so relaxing and promotes a feeling of well being.   If you would like to know how acupuncture may be able to help you, please contact me.


" Helen was lovely,very kind, extremely professional and knowledgeable, I'll definitely be back again"

"I have been meaning to go for acupuncture for a while now and I'm really glad I did, Dean was very helpful and put me at ease, I'll certainly be back again soon"